20th December 2021 - Fleet Lists Updated
A number of our fleet lists on our website have been brought up to date - see the Fleet Lists page for further details​.  Please note: we've now started publishing updated fleetlists following the Covid19 lockdowns. These may not be published as frequently as usual, and may stop again in the event of any further local or national lockdowns.

18th June 2021 - Yorkshire Tiger to become 'Team Pennine'
The Yorkshire Tiger operation, currently owned by Arriva is to be sold to Transdev with effect of 25th July 2021.  Transdev have announced that the operation will be re-named as Team Pennine and have promised to replace 20% of the current Tiger fleet within the first few months of operation - further details will follow in forthcoming editions of M&T News.

​First South Yorkshire Open Day, Bus Rally & Running Day - 22nd August
First South Yorkshire are holding an Open Day, Bus Rally and Running Day at their Olive Grove (Sheffield) depot on Sunday 22nd August 2021 - full details below:

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SOES Latest News

A round-up of some of the latest news from the Sheffield Omnibus Enthusiasts Society (SOES).  For full details, see the next edition of M&T News.  If you've any news to contribute to this website or M&T News please contact our webmaster

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