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News Archive 2012

A selection of the top news stories reported on this website and in M&T News during 2012 are shown below.  

Please note that photographs are not archived, and therefore are not included in the reports below.

5th December - Tate's Demonstrator
Tate's Travel are currently using Scania/Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 demonstrator YN62 AAK, usually to be found on service 92 (Barnsley - Millhouses Green).

29th October - SimpliCity is go!
This weekend saw the long awaited launch of the revised Sheffield bus network under the name of SimpliCity. The network, drawn up by the Sheffield Bus Partnership saw many service changes, changes in operators and/or service numbers on some routes, the withdrawal of serveral well established services, and the introduction of some new services - and in some cases, new liveries!.

23rd October - First SY Olympians
To aid with a vehicle shortage, 4 Volvo Olympians were added to the fleet at Olive Grove from First West Yorkshire today. These are Alexander bodied 31771 (R935 YOV) from Leeds, Northern Counties Palatine 2 bodied 34046 (P246 UCW) from Huddersfield, and Northern Counties Palatine bodied 34104 (T904 KLF) and 34207 (S207 LLO), which had previously operated in South Yorkshire before moving to Leeds at the turn of the year.

13th October - TM Travel fleet additions
TM Travel have added a number of Optare Solos to their fleet from the parentTrent Barton fleet. These are:

  • 418 (W418 YAL), 424 (W424 RTO) and 425 (W425 RTO) in a new 'Sheffield Line 30' livery, with appropraite branding for the route between Crystal Peaks, Woodhouse and Sheffield, which commences in late October
  • 460 (FE02 KFJ), 463 (FE02 BGE) and 464 (FE02 BGF) which are in TM Travel livery
  • 411 (W411 YAL) and 423 (W423 RTO) which retain 'The Sevens' livery from their use in Derby at present.

25th September - Scanias for Stagecoach Yorkshire
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Barnsley depot is shortly to recieve 8 Scania K230UB with ADL Enviro 300 bodies to B43F layout are for use on services X19 and X28. Allocated fleet numbers 28671 to 28678 they are allocated registrations YN62 FVD/VH/VJ/VV/XR/XT/XU/XW.

24th September - First Transfers
The first 4 of the 44 Volvo 'deckers expected from First West Yorkshire have now arrived at Olive Grove in the form of Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 37023/8 (YJ06 XKM/T) and Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis 37107/8 (YK07 AYE/F). Once all 44 vehicles have arrived the B7TLs will see use on service 51 (Lodge Moor - City - Charnock) and the B9TLs on service 47/48 (Herdings - City - Shiregreen).

5th September - More tri-axles for MASS
North Anston based MASS Transit have acquired 9 former First Glasgow Volvo B7L/East Lancashire 'Nordic' 95-seater deckers. These are SA52 DVR/T/U/V/W/X/Z/WC/WD.

3rd September - New for Stagecoach Yorkshire
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Barnsley depot have taken delivery of 6 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s to B37F layout for use on service 1 (Barnsley to Mapplewell) which requires 5 vehicles.

Fleet numbers 36713-8 the vehicles are registered YN62 BHW/HX/HY/JU/JX/OV and are to take to the road within the next week. 36713-6 will be route branded for service 1.

A further 8 Enviro 200s are to be delivered shortly to Holbrook depot, for use on service 25 (Woodhouse - City - Bradway). These vehicles, fleet numbers 36719-26 are regostered YN62 BDU/FE/HF/LX/MY/NA/ND/NE.

23rd August - First Transfers
First South Yorkshire are expecting to receive 44 Volvo 'deckers from First West Yorkshire in early September as part of a general fleet cascade within First's Northern division. The vehicles expected are:

  • 30846 (W701 CWR), 30861/2 (W716/7 CWR) and 30937/8 (X358/9 VWT) - Volvo B7TL with Alexander ALX400 bodywork - to move to Olive Grove
  • 31142/3/4/5 (YU52 VYT/V/W/X) - Volvo B7TL with Alexander ALX400 bodywork - to move to Rotherham
  • 37021 to 37035 incl. (YJ06 XKK/M/N/O/P/S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z/LA) - Volvo B7TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini bodywork - to move to Olive Grove
  • 37103 to 37122 incl. (YK07 AYA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/L/M/N/O/P/S/T/U/V/W/X) - Volvo B9TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini bodywork - to move to Olive Grove

13th August - New Scanias for Stagecoach
Stagecoach's Chesterfield depot has today placed 6 new Scania N230UD with Alexander Dennis Enviro400 bodywork to H47/28F layout in service. The vehicles are 15824-9 (YN12 GYO/P/R/S/T/U) of which the first 4 are branded for route 43 (Sheffield - Dronfield - Chesterfield).

1st August - New for Tates
Tates Travel have added two Dennis Super Pointer Dart SLFs to their fleet. The vehicles - V152 EFS and V163 EFS were new to Lothian, but latterly used by Cardiff based New Adventure Travel, and are to B42F layout.

30th July - New for RedLine
Barnsley based RedLine Buses have added former Halton Borough Transport Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall T758 LFM to their fleet, which saw use today for the first time on 'Grimethorpe' services, running in 'as acquired' condition.

13th July - More Enviros for Tate's
Barnsley based Tate's Travel have added two further Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s to their fleet - brand new 1121 (YN12 HVH) and ex JPT (Manchester) 1101 (VT10 JPT). Both are in standard fleet livery. Tate's are also currently using Alexander Dennis' demonstrator YX61 EKO which is in Alexander Dennis demonstrator livery, and features 39 leather seats, tinted windows and multi-colour destination displays.

18th June - The Sheffield Bus Partnership
The Sheffield Bus Partnership (comprising of SYPTE, Sheffield City Council and operators First, Sheffield Community Transport, Stagecoach and TM Travel) are currently consulting with the public over their proposals for changes to bus routes and ticketing in Sheffield.

Full details of these proposed changes can be found at where there is also the opportunity to provide feedback to the Partnership on their proposals. A full review of the proposals will be published in the next edition of M&T News.

9th June - More Volvo Olympians for First South Yorkshire
Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale 30238 (S654 NUG) has returned 'on loan' to Olive Grove from First West Yorkshire. 30238 was initially used for a few days last month before being returned to Leeds, but has now come back for a second loan spell.

Acquired are a further two Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale from First West Yorkshire for use at Olive Grove - 31673 (P609 WSU) and 31685 (P590 WSU). Both are to H42/29F layout and were new to Strathclyde in 1997, passing via Edinburgh to First Leeds in 2001/2000 resp. and latterly used by First Bradford.

31st May - First South Volvo Olympians
A further three Volvo Olympians with Northern Counties bodywork from First Manchester have been acquired for use at Rotherham depot, joining other recent arrivals 34082 (P532 EFL) and 34293 (P293 KPX). The new arrivals are 34019 (P529 EFL), 34031 (P531 HMP) and 34035 (P535 HMP).

28th May - First South Yorkshire route 75
First South Yorkshire route 75 which links High Green and Batemoor via Sheffield City Centre was re-launched today. 22 vehicles have been repainted in to the new First livery and branded for route 75, which includes large 'SHEFFIELD' fleetnames on the sides of the vehicles. The vehicles repainted/branded are 37472, 37473, 37474, 37475, 37476, 37477, 37478, 37479, 37480, 37481, 37482, 37483, 37484, 37485*, 37486*, 37513, 37514, 37515, 37516, 37517, 37518 and 37525*. Vehicles marked * have been repainted but not branded.

20th May - Wilfreda Beehive update
4 Scania K340EB coaches with Scania OmniExpress bodywork have been added to the fleet, registered YP12 NPD/NPE/NPF/NPG. Departing the fleet are Optare Solos YJ54 UBP, YJ54 UBT and YJ54 UBU which have passed to Alfreton based Doyle's Coaches.

10th May - First South Yorkshire loans [updated 14th May]
First South Yorkshire have recieved 3 Volvo Olympians on loan from within First Group, all of which are expected to be used by Olive Grove depot. The vehicles are:

  • 30238 (S654 NUG) with Alexander 'Royale' bodywork to H43/29F layout from First West Yorkshire - now in use at Olive Grove
  • 34082 (P532 EFL) with Northern Counties 'Palatine' bodywork to H49/33F layout from First Manchester (new to Stagecoach Cambus) - now in use at Rotherham
  • 34293 (P293 KPX) with Northern Counties 'Palatine' bodywork to H47/30F layout from First Manchester (new to Southampton) - now in use at Rotherham.

1st May - New First Livery
A number of vehicles within the First South Yorkshire fleet have been repainted in the past few weeks in to the new style First livery:

  • Olive Grove depot - 37472, 37474, 37515, 37516, 37517, 37518 and 37525
  • Rotherham depot - 37257/8, 37261-5, 37487-99, 37509, 37511/2 and 37529 (of which 37261-5, 37487-97, 37509, 37512 and 37529 are now branded for route X78).

7th April - B10M Enters Preservation
Volvo B10M/Alexander PS N767 CKY was today moved from First's Olive Grove depot to the premises of the South Yorkshire Transport Trust at Tinsley, and entered a life of preservation.

New to Mainline in March 1996 as their 767, later renumbered to 60604 in the First nationwide scheme, N767 CKY was one of the last operational B10Ms with First South Yorkshire, and was the vehicle used on the B10M Farewell Event in July 2010.

23rd March - More Hybrids for Stagecoach Sheffield
Stagecoach Sheffield are to receive a further 19 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrid double deckers through the third round of the Department for Transport's Green Bus Fund.

The vehicles will work service 52 (Woodhouse - City - Hillsborough) once delivered.

1st March - Solo for Tate's
Tate's Travel have added their first Optare Solo to their fleet, in the form of MIL 8341, a M920 model to B33F layout, new to Ipswich Buses as X231 MBJ.

12th February - Further new arrivals for Tate's
Tate's Travel have added a further two ex Stagecoach London Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200s to their fleet in the form of Y373 FJN and LX51 FFO. Neither are in service as yet.

8th February - Arriva Yorkshire launch new vehicles
Arriva Yorkshire have held a formal launch event for their fleet of 41 new Wrightbus Gemini IIs at Temple Newsam near Leeds this morning. Immediately ollowing the event, the vehicles were taken in to Leeds City Centre and entered service as changeovers for other vehicles.

3rd February - Stagecoach Yorkshire Allocation Changes
Stagecoach Yorkshire allocation changes during January included:

  • Vehicles in: 59301/2/3/4/5 (FN08 KNY/KOA/KOE/KOH/KNH) - Scania/Caetano Levante from Stagecoach West for the National Express unit at Chesterfield
  • Vehicles re-allocated: 22213 (T213 TND) reserve to Barnsley; 33230/33257 (R130 TWF/P718 WFR) reserve to Rawmarsh; 33418/34021 (S618 CSC/R121 VPU) Rawmarsh to reserve; 34082/34087 (S482/487 BWC) Barnsley to reserve; 36456/7/8/9/60 (YN61 FXU/V/W/X/Y) new to Ecclesfield; 47286/47464 (RHE 194/YN07 OSB) Ecclesfield to Barnsley; 47751/2 (RHE 353/NHE 340) Ecclesfield to reserve
  • Vehicles out of fleet: 53030/1 (YU04 YAG/H) to Stagecoach Hull; 53034 (YN54 YRG) to Stagecoach Dover; 53035 (YN54 YRJ) to Stagecoach Peterborough and 53036 (YN05 XBC) to Stagecoach Glasgow.

27th January - First's new livery
On 26th January, First Group launched their new livery, which "allows for local identity" in Leeds. The first South Yorkshire repaint, Rotherham based Volvo B9TL/Wrights Eclipse Gemini 37258 (YN07 MKZ) hit the roads on the evening of Friday 27th January on service X78.

9th January - New Enviro 200s for SuperTramLink - and a new home for a former SuperTramLink Solo!
A fleet of 5 new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s for the SuperTramLink service between Middlewood and Stocksbridge entered service today with Stagecoach Sheffield's Ecclesfield depot. The vehicles, which carry SuperTramLink livery, are registered registered YN61 FXU/V/W/X/Y (fleet number 36456-60).

One of the Solos displaced from SuperTramLink duties has quickly found a new home, as also from today Stagecoach Sheffield are providing the free bus service between Abbeydale Road and Woodseats Road owing to the over-running railway bridge works. A solo is needed for this duty owing to the 9 foot 6 inch bridge on Athol Road.

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