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News Archive 2015

A selection of the top news stories reported on this website and in M&T News during 2015 are shown below.  

Please note that photographs are not archived, and therefore are not included in the reports below.

6th October - MCV Evosetti demonstrator for First SY
A Volvo B5TL/MCV 'Evosetti' demonstrator has joined the allocation at First South Yorkshire's Rotherham depot. Registered BF65 WHZ and allocated fleet number 36301, the vehicle is due to operate on service X78 for the next few months.

3rd October - New Solos for TM Travel
TM Travel have added 3 new Optare Solos to their fleet, registered YJ65 EPC/EPD/EPE. These are to operate service 6 in Sheffield (Darnall - City), which is extended beyond the City Centre to Millhouses via the Royal Hallamshire Hospital as part of the revised Sheffield Bus Partnership Network to be introduced from 1st November. Further details and photographs of these vehicles can be found on the Blog site of TM Director Phil Stockley.

24th August - TM Travel Olympian 'incident'!
TM Travel's ex-Dublin Volvo Olympian/Alexander 1127 (R974 KAR) burst in to flames and was totally destroyed whilst working the 11.00 departure from Buxton on service 65 earlier today in the Peak District village of Foolow. Photographs of the fire can be found on the 'Ilkeston Advertiser' website. TM Travel tweeted that the service had terminated at Foolow "due to an incident"

30th June - Second hand Enviro 200s for Rawmarsh
Stagecoach Yorkshire have acquired 15 Enviro200s from the Stagecoach Carlisle fleet for allocation to Rawmarsh depot, where they are expected to repalce the older Dart SLF and Dart SPDs. The vehicles are: 37086-91 (YX14 RXL/M/N/O/P/R), 37098 (YX14 RXZ), 37099-103 (YX14 RYA/B/C/D/F), 37104/5 (YX14 RZH/J) and 37108 (YX14 WEW). All are to B37F layout.

17th June - Enviro 400MMC Demonstrator at First South Yorkshire
First South Yorkshire's Rotherham depot have today placed Alexander Dennis Enviro400MMC (Major Model Change) Demonstrator YX64 VOO in use. It is to be used on service X78 (Sheffield - Rotherham - Doncaster) as part of a fuel efficiency evaluation programme. The vehicle, which has previously served locally with Arriva Yorkshire and EYMS as a demonstrator, is allocated fleet number 33900 and is to be used at Rotherham for the next few weeks.

1st June - YourBus cease National Express work
YourBus have ceased to operate the large number of National Express duties contracted to them with effect of 31st May, which has resulted in the closure of their depot in Bradford, and all their National Express work passing to a variety of other operators.

28th March - SuperTram Rail Replacements re-commence
As part of the ongoing SuperTram Rail Replacement project, the tracks between Shalesmoor and Middlewood/Malin Bridge are closed from Saturday 28th March until early May.

Stagecoach Yorkshire's Holbrook depot are providing replacement bus services - running from Sheffield Cathedral to Middlewood/Malin Bridge via Shalesmoor with a fleet of Enviro400 'deckers loaned in from other Stagecoach Group companies:

  • from Arbroath - 19652 (SP60 DPU), 19653 (SP60 DPV) and 19656 (SP60 DPZ)
  • from Cambridge - 19619 (AE10 BYK) and 19620 (AE10 BYL)
  • from Chorley - 15840 (PX62 CEK)
  • from Exeter - 19065 (MX56 FSU)
  • from Gloucester - 19128 (VX07 CYT)
  • from Hull - 19692 (FX60 HFO)
  • from Hyde Road (Manchester) - 19332 (MX08 UCB) and 19475 (MX58 UTO)
  • from Morcambe - 10030 (PX12 DNU)
  • from Northampton - 19012 (MX06 XAM)
  • from Oxford - 15438 (KX08 KXH)
  • from Thanet - 19051 (MX56 FRZ)
  • from Walkergate (Newcastle) - 19672 (NK60 DNO)
  • from Winchester - 19069 (MX56 FTA)

A couple of the vehicles were pressed out in to service on emergency Tram replacement work on the morning of Friday 27th March owing to an out of service tram de-railing on the Park Square Delta at approx. 03.30am, disrupting the scheduled services until early afternoon.

2nd February - TM's Peak Line 218
From 1st February, TM Travel have re-launched service 218. Now branded as 'Peak Line 218' the service is increased ot half-hourly operation (Monday-Saturday daytimes) between Sheffield and Bakewell, with alternate journies serving Chatsworth House. To operate the service, TM have received 4 Scania/Wright saloons from the parent TrentBarton fleet, which have been extensively refurbished, including the fitting of plug sockets and free WiFi. The 4 vehicles, all of which carry a striking dark blue livery for the 218 service are: 601 (FJ03 VVM), 604 (FJ03 VVR), 634 (FJ03 VXB) and 636 (FD53 WWH).

21st January - New for Ross Travel

Two new arrivals in the Ross Travel of Featherstone fleet are: YJ64 HFH - a Yutong TC12 coach; and YJ64 DWM - an Optare Solo M8900SR to B32F layout. This vehicle is allocated fleet no. 10 and replaces the previous no. 10 (Mercedes Vario YJ54 XGE).

5th January - StreetDeck enters service

The Wright 'StreetDeck' delivered to First South Yorkshire's Olive Grove depot in late 2014 entered service this afternoon (Monday 5th January 2015) on service 51 between Lodge Moor and Charnock via Sheffield City Centre. Registered SN64 CSF the vehicle is allocated fleet number 35101.

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