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News Archive 2013

A selection of the top news stories reported on this website and in M&T News during 2013 are shown below.  

Please note that photographs are not archived, and therefore are not included in the reports below.

10th November 2013 - More Enviro 200s for Stagecoach
Stagecoach Yorkshire are shortly to place 13 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s in service - 9 at Chesterfield depot (fleet numbers 36985 to 36993 incl.) at Chesterfield depot for routes 5, 44/44A and 74, and 4 at Holbrook depot (fleet numbers 36994 to 36997 incl.) for service 123.

The resulting vehicle movements will see a number of older Dennis Dart SLFs leave the fleet.

3rd November - Wright StreetLites for Tate's Travel
A number of Wrightbus StreetLites are joining the fleet from the associated (both companies are now owned in part by "Island Fortitude") BakerBus of Biddulph operation. Two of these - MX60 GXC and MX60 GWZ, ex-BakerBus 252/6 - arrived on 22 October and were sent for repainting on the 23rd. Two more, MX60 BXC and MX60 GWO, arrived on the 25th - these were numbered 253/5 with BakerBus. All 4 are B33F wheel-forward types.

28th October - October Service Changes
The weekend of 26/27th October saw a number of service changes throughout South Yorkshire. Whilst most were minor in nature, a couple were more noteworthy. TM Travel lost some Derbyshire County Council contracted workings in to South Yorkshire to Stagecoach - service 53A (Halfway - Mansfield) passing largely in its current format to Stagecoach Mansfield, and service 253 (Sheffield - Dronfield - Crystal Peaks) withdrawn and partially replaced by extra Sheffield - Dronfield workings on service 44 and new Sunday service 15A (Dronfield - Crystal Peaks), both operated by Stagecoach's Chesterfield depot.

Another noteworthy change was the withdrawal by Stagecoach of the City - Endcliffe section of service 123, which is replaced by new hourly Monday-Friday daytime service 121 running between the City and Hunters Bar via Endcliffe. Despite operating entirely within Sheffield, the 1 vehicle required to work service 121 is provided by Stagecoach's Chesterfield depot.

4th October - Scottish Solos for Chesterfield
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Chesterfield depot have taken delivery of two Solos from Stagecoach West Scotland, in the form of 47063/4 (SF04 SKD/E). Both are M850 models to B27F layout and are now in use.

28th September - First's new StreetLites
Delivery of the 37 new Wright StreetLite 'Max' to Olive Grove depot is now complete, with (I think) all bar the final two now in service.

Registrations for the whole batch (numbered 63001 to 63037) are as follows: SM13 NDJ/K/L/N/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, SM13 NEF/J/N/O/U/Y, SK63 KGO/P/U/V/X/Y/Z, SK63 KHA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/L/M/O/P/R.

9th September - Second 'decker for Hulleys
Hulley's of Baslow have added a second 'decker to their fleet in the form of LX51 FJA, a Dennis Trident with Alexander ALX400 bodywork latterly with Stagecoach London as their 17414. It has been acquired via dealer Ensign who have converted it to single door configuration. However, it remains in 'London red' at the time of writing.

7th September - 'Cherished' Tridents
The 6 recently acquired Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 at Stagecoach's Chesterfield depot have been re-registered with 'Cherished' registrations used previously on a number of Yorkshire Traction and Stagecoach vehicles, most recently the 'MagicBus' Dart SLFs at Rawmarsh. The new registrations are:

Fleet NumberNew RegistrationOld Registration
170041619 HES804 BWC
170071737 HES807 BWC
170081901 HES808 BWC
170091975 HES809 BWC
170503141 HET650 KPU
170523880 HET652 KPU

5th September - Centrebus Holdings Ltd sold to Arriva
It has been announced that Centrebus Holdings Ltd, the joint venture currently jointly owned by Centrebus Ltd and Arriva will pass to full Arriva ownership with effect of Monday 9th September.

Locally, this will see the Honley (K-Line), Leeds (White Rose), Elland and Waterloo (Huddersfield Bus Co.) operations pass to full Arriva ownership, along with those in Hinckley.

The operations of Centrebus Ltd in Corby, Dunstable, Grantham, Leicester, Saxby and Stevenage are un-affected by this development, nor is the 'High Peak' joint venture between Centrebus and TrentBarton.

24th August - First StreetLites to Enter Service
First South Yorkshire are expected to place the first 16 of the batch of 37 Wright StreetLite 'Max' in service from Olive Grove depot on Tuesday 27th August on service 52.

The 16 vehicles, allocated fleet numbers 63001 - 63016 are registered SM13 NDJ/K/L/N/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, SM13 NEF/J/N/O/U/Y.

20th August - Hybrid trials
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Holbrook depot have Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrid 12118 (MX12 ENO) on loan from Stagecoach Manchester's Hyde Road, with Holbrook's 12091 (YN61 BFO) going in the opposite direction. This swap, between mechanically identical vehicles, is intended to identify differences in setup and reliability between the Manchester and Holbrook batch of E400 Hybrids.

8th August - New for Hulley's
Hulley's of Baslow have added a further Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 to their fleet in the shape of MX09 HJF. This vehicle which is to B37F layout was new to the now defunct Countryliner of Guildford operation.

26th July - 100 Years of Buses in Rotherham 
Friday 26th July 2013 marks 100 years to the day since the first bus service in Rotherham began operation. The original service ran between the town centre and Thorpe Hesley.

To mark the occasion, First South Yorkshire have repainted Volvo B9TL/Wrights 37231 (YN08 LCL) in to the final Rotherham Corporation livery. '231' as it is now known ran a special trip for invited guests, along with preserved Rotherham Daimler 220 (KET 220) and recently acquired Wright StreetLite 47403 (LK62 HKG) to Thorpe Hesley before returning to the town centre for a reception at the New York Stadium, home of Rotherham United.

2nd July - Dearne Valley Changes

Stagecoach introduced a major revision of its services in the Dearne Valley over the weekend of 20th July, full details of which can be found here. In terms of vehicle movements, this has seen:

  • MAN/ALX300s 22083-22089 incl. move from Barnsley to Rawmarsh to operate service 222 (Barnsley - Wath - Doncaster)
  • MAN/ALX300s 22207, 22209, 22213, 22924, 22928, 22930, 22931 and 22938 return to service at Barnsley from the reserve pool
  • The MagicBus livered Dennis Darts (33083, 33226/32/33/34/41/45) taken out of service
  • Solo 47282 (YS02 WWA) move from Barnsley to Chesterfield
  • Solo 47283 (YS02 WVZ) move from Barnsley to Ecclesfield, to operate routes 44 (Chapeltown - Wentworth - Rotherham) and 45 (Rotherham - Herringthorpe) taken over from TM Travel
  • MAN/Enviro 300s 22546/7/8/9 and 22552/3/4/5 branded for new service 22X

9th July - MASS/Brightbus additions
MASS/Brightbus have added two more deckers to their fleet - B 10 MSE, a tri-axle MCW Metrobus new in Hong Kong as DY 8312 and registered F215 UJN when imported to the UK; and H694 PVW, a Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH new to Dublin Bus as 91-D-1063.

1st July - E400s for SuperTram Replacement Fleet
Commencing in ernest from today is a 3 month rail replacement project resulting in the closure of the SuperTram line between Spring Lane and Sheffield Station. A high-frequency Tram Replacement Bus Service - details of which can be found here - is being operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire's Holbrook depot, utilising a number of the 'reserve fleet' MAN/ALX300s along with 9 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s from Stagecoach Manchester, these being: 19332 (MX08 UCB), 19341 (MX08 UCM), 19342 (MC08 UCN), 19343 (MX08 UCO), 19351 (MX08 UCY), 19354 (MX08 UDE), 19503 (MX09 ATO), 19514 (MX09 KSK) and 19515 (MX09 KSN).

31st May - Major Stagecoach Revisions in the Dearne Valley

Stagecoach have announced a major revision of their network in the Dearne Valley area. Full details can be found in the following press release from Stagecoach:

Last Updated : 31 May 2013 11:22

As a result of our recent consultations, Stagecoach will be making a range of important changes to the bus network in the Dearne Valley area from the weekend of 20th July 2013. This is based upon feedback we have received from customers, members of the public and stakeholders.

We aim to provide information about the changes as soon as possible. In the meantime, please click here to see our revised Dearne Valley network map and frequency table.

If you wish to contact us with further feedback on the new network map, beginning on the weekend of 20th July 2013, please email us directly at

The Dearne Valley consultation provided us with some great feedback, and we have used this in shaping our network. From 20th July 2013:

  • An earlier bus will run from Doncaster to Manvers (220/222)
  • An earlier bus will run from Mexborough to Rotherham, via Swinton (221), and via Kilnhurst on Sundays (218)
  • Punctuality and reliability on service 222 will be improved
  • A new service, 217, will provide direct links from Bolton and Mexborough to Rotherham
  • Buses between Manvers, Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe will be timetabled more conveniently for local passengers
  • An earlier bus will run from Wombell and Wath to Rotherham on Sundays (22X)
  • Buses between Manvers, Swinton Rail Station and Mexborough will be timetabled more conveniently for local passengers (222)
  • A new evening and Sunday service will benefit people living in the areas between Manvers and Old Moor (220)
  • A new evening and Sunday service in Darfield and Bolton will improve links to Manvers and Rotherham on service 218
  • New service 217 provides a direct link between Thurnscoe, Mexborough and Rotherham
  • Service 219 will benefit from increased frequencies between Great Houghton, Thurnscoe and Doncaster
  • Later evening buses will be introduced on service 220 between Doncaster, Mexborough, Manvers and Wath
  • Service 22X will offer an extended route between Wombwell and Barnsley
  • Service 22X will provide earlier buses on Mondays - Fridays than service 22 did previously, evening and Sunday services will also be available
  • Service 67 will see improvements to punctuality and bigger buses being used on the route
  • Service 70 Park & Ride will have an added stop at B&Q, White Rose Way
  • Service 109 will restore links to Manor Farm, Thorogate and other areas of Rawmarsh
  • Services 108 and 109 will see improved punctuality and reliability
  • Imporvements in the distribution to various timetables will see an improvement in journeys between Rotherham, Park Gate and Rawmarsh
  • An earlier bus will run from Rawmarsh to Rotherham on Saturdays and Sundays
  • New services will operate to Brampton and Westfield (26, 27)

For any more information at this stage, please contact us directly on 01226 202 555

30th May - Hulley's (temporary!) Addition
Hulley's of Baslow have on loan MX10 DXW, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 to B29F layout. This vehicle, allocated fleet number 25, will be used during June to free up one of the existing Solos in the fleet to work a shuttle service around Bradwell owing to highway works.

22nd April - Darts for Powells
Powells of Hellaby have recently added 3 former Stagecoach Midlands Dart SLFs to their fleet:

  • S457 CVV (fleet no 39) has Alexander ALX200 bodywork to DP37F layout and was new to United Counties
  • P806 NJN (fleet no 40) has Alexander ALX200 bodywork to DP34F layout and was new to East London
  • P814 YCW (fleet no 51) has Wright Crusader bodywork to B36F layout. This vehicle was new to C&M, Aintree, passing via Glenvale/Stagecoach Merseyside to Stagecoach Midlands.

All 3 vehicles were supplied via Hardwicks of Carlton (dealer).

15th April - More E400s for Holbrook
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Holbrook depot have gained a further 6 Enviro 400s from Stagecoach Manchester, bringing the total now operated here to 11. The latest arrivals are: 19290 (MX08 GUA), 19330 (MX08 UBY), 19341 (MX08 UCM), 19358 (MX08 UDK), 19398 (MX58 FSO) and 19500 (MX09 ATF). All are in standard Stagecoach livery and to H47/33F layout.

12th April - More Solos for Tate's Travel

Tate's Travel have recently added a further 4 Optare Solos to their fleet, comprising of:

  • 1045 - KX04 HPP, a B35F seater M990 model new to Cook's Coaches, Wellington, and previously with Marshalls of Sutton on Trent.
  • 1542 - YJ54 BUP, a B25F seater M880 Slimline model ex Rossendale *
  • 1543 - YJ54 BUV, a B25F seater M880 Slimline model ex Rossendale
  • 1571 - YJ57 EJX, a M780 Slimline model ex TLC Travel, Bradford. New as a 15-seater this vehicle is currently being upseated *

* 1542/1571 wear 'Metro Connect' livery for use on the Dewsbury Free Town Bus service.

25th March - Enviro 400s on loan at Holbrook
Stagecoach Yorkshire's Holbrook depot have taken 5 Alexander Dennis Trident II with Enviro 400 bodywork to H47/33F layout on loan from Stagecoach Manchester.

The vehicles are 19016 (MX06 XAR), 19048/9 (MX56 FRR/U) and 19053/5 (MX56 FSC/E).

17th March - Hybrids for Arriva
Arriva Yorkshire's Castleford depot has begun to take delivery of 12 Volvo B5LH hybrid 'deckers with Wright Eclipse Gemini bodywork. The vehicles, which have been allocated fleetnumber 1700-1711 and wear a special version of the standard Arriva livery to promote their green credentials, are to enter service at the end of this month on routes 163/166 between Castleford, Garforth and Leeds. Photographs of some of the vehicles on delivery can be found here.

15th February - Celebrating 100 years of motorbuses in Sheffield
Today, Friday 15th February 2013, marks 100 years to the day since the first motorbuses took to the streets of Sheffield, operating a service between Broomhill and Lodge Moor, now part of the current day route 51 operated by First.

To celebrate the landmark, First have painted two Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Geminis in to variants of the Sheffield Corporation livery - 37528 (YN58 ETX) in to the original 1913 livery carrying fleet number 1, and 37229 (YN08 LCJ) in to a 1960s version of the livery and carrying fleet number 229.

Both the vehicles, which were painted at First's Midland Road facilities in Rotherham and are an absolute testament to the skill and dedication of the staff there, were launched today with a VIP trip along the route of service 51 from the City Centre to Lodge Moor and back, followed by a reception at the Town Hall.

28th January - Additions at Tate's Travel
Tate's Travel have added 4 further vehicles to their fleet, all with 'London' connections. These are:

  • Optare Solo 1081 (YJ08 XDH) new to CT Plus, Hackney and latterly used on work at the Olympics Park
  • Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall Capital 1025/6/7 (LT02 ZDM/W/X) new to First Centrewest and latterly with Metrobus.

23rd January - Wright StreetLite Demonstrator for FSY
First South Yorkshire's Olive Grove depot have received Wright 'StreetLite' demonstrator LK62 FUJ for trials in Sheffield. The vehicle wears the new First livery and is allocated fleetnumber 47402, and has entered service today on a part-day duty on service 51 (Lodge Moor - City - Charnock) which will be its regular working.

21st January - New Enviros enter service
From today, Monday 21st January, the batch of 19 new Alexander Dennis E400 Hybrids allocated to Stagecoach's Holbrook depot have begun to enter service on route 52 (Hillsborough - City - Woodhouse). Like the previous batch, the new batch (numbered 12161 to 12179) carry the green 'Electric Hybrid' livery, but can be disginguished from the older examples by the green panel below the front windscreen. Full details of the new Hybrids and the vehicles they have replaced at Holbrook will be given in the next M&T Magazine.

6th January - More Enviro's for Tate's
Barnsley based Tate's Travel have added a further pair of Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s to their fleet in the shape of YX62 FET and YX62 FEU.

10th January - Arrivals at Holbrook
Delivery has now commenced of the batch of 19 Alexander Dennis E400 Hybrids for Holbrook depot to operate service 52 (Woodhouse - City - Hillsborough), with the vehicles expected to all be on the road during February.

However, a vehicle shortage at Holbrook has led to a number of loan vehicles seeing service - mainly MAN/ALX300 from the 'reserve' fleet, but also the loan of Optare Excel 35000 (YN51 VHH) from Chesterfield depot. This is thought to be the first time an Excel has operated from one of the Sheffield depots.

6th January - Peter Eades
It is with sadness that we learnt of the death yesterday (5th January) of Peter Eades, co-owner and Director of Hulley's of Baslow following a period of illness. The Sheffield Omnibus Enthusiasts Society offer their sincere condolences to Peter's family and all those at Hulley's.

3rd January - New Park & Ride in Doncaster
On Monday 14th January a new bus-based Park & Ride site opens in Doncaster on White Rose Way (off Jctn 3 of the M18 Motorway). The site will be linked to Doncaster Town Centre and the Frenchgate Interchange by new Service 70 operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire (Rawmarsh depot) on a 15-minute headway between approx 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.

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